So I took some pictures, but as you know they aren't that clear as I wasn't seated due to too many people and to the security making as wait to get in. Unfortunately, I never got a seated even though I was seated! They keep all the people there waiting and lots were already in there. They made us wait for nothing huh? Tsssskkk...typical London Fashion Week SS14 season. Anyways, this was one of the best collections I've ever seen since being at London Fashion Week. Some elites were there including Zoe Hellewell from The London Lip Gloss, I met her at the show and was one of the kindest people I have ever meet, so down to earth and nice in general which matches sense of style! And I saw that 7ft inflated Pop Art sensation that everybody knows the that is Pandemonia this wasn't the first time we met but the last time we met was a year ago, we dint have a chance to talk due to too many people interrupting but I didn't mind, it's London Fashion Week, what do you expect? Ok yes i was sort of annoyed but I'm only human, would you be the same? But I was relaxed about it! This is what you expect a Fashion Week so deal with it!

 The hats for this season at the show, I like to called them "hat masks" !!! Because there hats, but there are also masks because they cover your eyes huh?! See though, embellishment and applique??? This would be hard not to dislike. I love all  the gowns and the colour Ashley used for his collection this season what simply bold and bright colours which is certain to my taste. Overall I would rate this collection 7/10 because of the colours, the techniques on the fabrics, it's an exception. 

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