First and foremost, I'm not that much into urban street wear although I'm very much inspired by it and I do tend to wear it from time to time.

Nowadays, it appears that minimalism and contemporary is the new vibe for street wear especially in recent years when I've looked at other brands such as Tinie Tempah's, What We Wear collection and Fashion Awards street luxe winning brand, Off White.

It's nice to see that urban and street luxe brands are reacting their surfaces when it comes to high fashion and yet there are many more brands out there to look out for such as the White Line London.

It's also very popular with street style especially during fashion week.

These are exclusive leaked photos on what's to come with new upcoming street luxe brand, White Line London. White Line London's SS18's collection in which for it's theme its called: "11th Floor", is based from the era's of pirate radio which occurred around back in the 1960s. The concept of this collection also captures the life growing up around the London youth of today, as well as it's music such as grime and i'ts inspiration with the likes of Wiley and other grime artists.
The for sure, defo reflects the youth culture of this generation.

I love how young this collection is especially with all it's digital, urban prints and minimal layouts. It reminds me of the many leading grime artists such as Skepta and Stormzy who's right now leading the way for grime to be mainstream. This reminds me with its South/East London street interpretations. I especially admire the muted grey jumper that has a mirror like ombre effect that masks the words over. Although simple, it definitely doesn't look boring as with the rest of the collection.

I would highly recommend to look out for this collection if your interested in streetwear. There's really just an expensive feel about the collection, especially the jumpers!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new collection:
@thewhitelinelondon and @emeka_white.

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This season I was finally lucky enough to get into the showrooms and I must say that didn't disappoint. 

There were so many bright, interesting fabrics, some inspired by artwork and others by everyday life. I also got to meet a lot of colourful, not only appearance wise but also personality wise!

Would definitely love to come back next season as it was the best season for me so far! 

Check out all of these designs from the likes of Alistair James and Richard Quinn!


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Greetings peeps!

Yes I haven't been blogging for a while and yes I know I have been mentioning it quite a lot in my previous blogs but a lot of drama has been going on. So therefore, I'll try and blog as often as I can.

I've been looking at some archives and decided that I wanted to share some with you all. Nearly all of these post are the ones I wanted to write a post on, but never could at the time. Belstaff being one of them and possibly one of my favourite presentations I got invited to at the time, the desert inspired colour palettes, the leather fabrics, I really wanted to do a quick review on this. So here it is! 

I give you some of my fashion week archives!

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