London Fashion Week 2012: Antoni & Alison SS13


 Antoni & Alison brought a whole lots of bright airbrush to the catwalk this season following colours from blue bright tangy orange to hot pink airbrushed patterns. Aside to that, it was the designer duos 25 anniversary, when they celebrated by creating a collection like never before...and yes, this one!

I was quite surprised about what they said at the beginning of their catwalk show saying that they were poor and then having to start their own business from scratch. As you know back in the 80's there was recession and now 25 years later, were back in it *sigh* and yes it does prove you can still crack the industry through the hard times....of course!
On the positive side they talked about how much fun they had over the years saying that they worked, lazed around messed about and all kinds of bllaaahh, blaaah, blah and nevertheless sometimes, you can always look back at things and say...."hey, thoses were the good times" I said it....we all said it!

Back to this season.....when i was watching the catwalk show, i thought the designs were a bit too dull and boring for me, but then as i just realized that the quality of the live stream wasn't as good as i thought it would be, i looked at the pictures and it came out all colorful and flamboyant and as i saw them it changed my opinion ti what this season looked like...i liked it!

This is probably one of Antoni & Alison's best RTW collection yet in my opinion!

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