Sorry it's been a while since my last post! My laptop has broken down and I can't seem to afford a new one at the moment, 
but for now I'm blogging from my phone. 

Hope you've all had a great summer so far! Just want to show you some of summer must haves swimwear, starting with: Margarita Mermaid.

I first became aware of this swimwear brand on Instagram, and to be really honest, it's extremely popular and you might of heard of it! 

If you have I'm here to show you some of my favourites that I've pick out the show you!

This swimwear is really fun, girly and very much wearable if your going to the beach. And creative of course! The swimwear are basically based of mermaids, so if you like mermaids (which I do of course!) Why don't you get online and have a look.

Whether you need a new swimsuit and just feel like browsing and shopping. These are one of my favourites go look at!

The brand is based in New York. You can shop/look here at: www.margaritamermaid.com

                                                                      Have fun mermaid shopping!

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