Ever wonder if animation existed in the real world? Well if so, they do with these bags. Introducing, JUMP FROM PAPER, the only bags that can fool to think it ain't real. Yes they look so quirky and animated that you wouldn't think its real from afar, but the best thing is...they are!

 JUMP FROM PAPER, is an accesories brand that I just recently heard of in exploring fashion. This brand is very much my taste because of its style, the colours and it animation affects. I wish I could create that!

My top favourite 5 bags from the collections!

 They range from bags, purses to even IPad Cases, and the cost starts from £15.00 to around £150.00.

This new light blue contrasted rucksack is certainly my favourite! I just love the colour and just the way it looks like in general, its a fun rucksack for sure!

You can shop for their stuff online at www.jumpforpaper.com and also you can check out whats new and all the latest on their blog...it's worth looking at for sure!

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