Motel Rocks AW14 Press Day!


Last night was amazing, popcorn, candyfloss and most importantly a festive atmosphere all in one small club. Yea the motel girls certainly know how throw a party, especially a press day one!

It was so much fun, I arrived at 3pm straight from Great Portland Street station, it was a little quite and it was filled with people taking pictures of the newly collections at Motel. It meant that I was able to get the job done for the magazine I'm contributing for; Noctis peacefully. Not even that I was able to have a proper chat with some of the team at Motel. They were all nice and incredibly stylish...of course!

Because the party was later on, (which I kinda didn't realize at first lol) I decided to stay until late...yes really as stupid as that sounds I stayed there till 6 which surprisingly quick timing!I would never dream of staying all day at a club but I didn't wanted to miss the band that popcorn, the floss and all of the people that would turn up in the late hours especially some bloggers that I expected to come...ones that I know very well!

My Outfit went mostly Primark this time lol x

Got my nails done with x



    Known this blogger for a very long time and we finally got to chat! Me and Laura from's amazing!!!!

Bumped into Bloggers Amy from The Cameras Lying and Kayla from Kayla Hadlington..both very nice and kindly let me take a picture of them both together as they were talking. Check out their blogs, there both great!

                     You know somehow the  wig actually suited Me with bloggers Tululah from and Chloe from xxx

The ultimate goody bag!

Was a really great, it was almost as it was a live gig or something, enjoyed most of it! x

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