Honor was a pop of colour and pattens this seasons RTW, it was like walking into a fashion fairly tail woods, only smaller, floral prints dominated the catwalk with floral embellishment on the collars, applique on the dresses and with transparent details with a little applique underneath it.

 My Opinion: I love these type of dresses and separates because It's very much my taste as I obsessed with bright colours and patterns so my colour palette is quite eccentric. I also like it more sharp and sophisticated that has a silhouette to it too and a structure that is well fitted between each garment! The detail on the collars for the RTW was magnificent, definitely enough to wear for a 16 year old, ever 15! It's very girly, its more like alice in wonderland but less wonderland (if you know what I mean!) One of my favorites was the blue silk dress, it's so wonderland I love it and the collar is very "little girl" with the transparent silk to join it. But overall the collection is an exception.

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