London Fashion Week 2012: It's A Style Fix at Luna Sky SS13


To be honest, this is one of the first ever fashion shows that I've been to that has a lot of expectations! And I like that! The atmosphere was amazing, just looking at how fashionable the people were, i felt like i was home! 

So there was a Shy 15 year girl called Allysha Johnson from It's A Style Fix being overwhelmed by the fact that she got to sit FRONT ROW for the first time EVER at a show that had so much expectation and was ready to take pictures of those glamorous models! Despite being a bit nervous and shy sittting in front of those successful fashionistas, she felt very relaxed and was keen and ready to go and have a great time! And of course i did...the show was FASHIONTASTC! (my trademark word!) The theme was 1940's style era and It was suppose to bring elegance from that time of decade. Of course I j'dore the 1940's and even the music that was played was from 1940's...I loved it!

From blue graceful elegant gowns this season to dignified and refined party dresses most of them designed with the best Swarovski was a an absolute a hell of a ball. Even better...I even manage to bump into Pandemonia Pandemonia!!!
"She" kindly stopped for a picture! 

 Love these silver heels.... it's sooo Cinderella!!!

 I acutally honestly could see the Duchess of Cambridge in this dress! Very elegant!

 This is my FAVOURITE's so structured and its got a great silhouette and great swarovski crystals to add that bit of a sparkle!
 LOVING the back detail!
 It's A WINNER for Style Fix!
 Pandemonia getting interviewed with Fashion TV!
 A moment!!!!
 It's A Style Fix has found a fashionista!!!


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