Latex Obsession: William Wilde!


Seriously if your looking for a good quality latex dress, William Wilde is the person to ask because his latex designs are SICCKKK!!! He just gets it right!!! This is the main reason why I like looking for emerging designers...its EXCITING!!!

One of my favorite dresses have got to be the hot pink one...simply because pinks my favorite color and its also edgy too and sexy! I also like the orange ankle length one simply because it is bright orange...i mean i could go on for hours and hours about this!!! Even better..he collaborated with my favorite accessories designer Fred Butler for her SS13 collection this season! Unfortunately I could attend her show since it was shown during in the school weeks...*sigh* but i did have a look at the review! It was amazeballs! Someday I wish to collaborate with both of them!!! Hope so!

And I must say please check out his website for all of his accessories too at ..... CHECK IT OUTTA!!!

                                            One word....OMG!!! *LOVE*

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