It's A Style Fix at VOGUE's Fashion's Night Out!


It was that time again as all the fashionistas were awaken into the world of a street fashion frenzy. Personally its on of my favourite time of the year after Fashion Week! Although this is my second fashion night out, this is the best one ive ever been to so far....i got to meet Scary Spice's sister...Yes Danielle Brown! Liek how could anyone not recognize her? Seriously!

And then it got better, i meet some fellow fashionistas that actually knew who i was...cause they read my i was thinking *OMG I'VE MADE IT*! Well sort of..LOL!
One of fashionistas i met was a blogger called Charlotte...(follow her blog at: charlottegracerollinson/blog ) i must admit i LOVE her sense of style even also her bubbly friend who was also with her! But really i have to say..i was OBSESSED with her dip dye hair and her think eyebrows!!! Love it! But also i met others to! It was djing parting and i also got my photo taken at High Street shop Forever 21...FOR FREE...PHEW! So I'm here to show you some pictures of what happened at last nights fashion's night out....disappointingly i couldn't make it to the Stella McCartney invitation one cause i was busy during the hour....*sigh*...maybe next year!


 Picture perfect for It's A Style Fix at Forever 21!!!!

 This fashionista's got STYLE!!!! Don't be afraid to express it!

 Sight seeing at Louis Vuitton!!!

 GIRL the frizzy one on the left??

 An It's a Style Fix and Melanie B's sister Danielle!
 Yo DJ!!!

 Some Nice cocktails!!!
 Charlotte (on the right) and her her dip dye!!!
So obsessed with her dip dye hair and think eyebrows...eeek!!!! Style in the making!

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