Last month, the Harmonics exhibition came to unfortunate close to an excellent, innovative display. 

When I heard about, Fred Butler's exhibition taking place at NOW Gallery in North Greenwich, I couldn't miss the opportunity attend the launch for this exhibition. The colours, the concept...I couldn't miss it. 

This whole exhibition was about expressing the fact that colours, light and vibrant displays, are a helpful progress for those with Season Deflective Disorder as it's known to calm down the affects of these disorders. In this exhibition, Butler explores the chromotheraphy as a benefit to modern society.

Butler, stated that different colours in different types of environments, definitely do have an effect on our daily moods and how we see the world today. "We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically."

During the launch, guests got to experience firsthand the insight on what these colours and shapes contribute to for society. Visitors got to listen with headphones, the music that mirrors the idea of what music combined with all these bright elements can do with least that's how I see it.

Unfortunately I had to come back and listen to it myself as there weren't enough headphones for everyone to experience.

My favourite part of the exhibition was when you could walk on the geometric shapes and different textures. Some pavements were made out of foam, while you got to experience harder textures. Butler also wanted people to have a sensory approach to the exhibition.

Guests got a chance to create their very own oragami creations.....I gave it a try but I obviously wasn't that very good! Overall, it's rare to experience an exhibition like this, for me personally so it was a good insight. Attending the second time around was better as I really got to explore this time. (or maybe not if you've experienced better!)

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