I have to say that this years Men's fashion week, went down pretty well having seen a few including backstage to catwalk shows and presentations this season did not disappoint, including what I wore.

Not gonna lie, I was very skeptic about wearing rainbow hair publicly but then again I thought you know......I really should do this. So I did. I got mainly good compliments and some that weren't good...body language like. What I've learnt having rainbow hair is not be afraid to express your happiness, more so your unicorn which no some people are starting to know me as....a fashionable unicorn I say.

I mean I decide to have colourful braids and as a result a flamboyant style as it makes people happy...a woman even came up to me one time and said that I made her day! As long as I make more people happier than those sad, I'll keep doing it!


Fashion's always fun...especially as a rainbow unicorn!!!! XD 

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