Hiya guys!

It seems like everything revolves around unicorns theses days...well in my opinion...unicorn toast, unicorn sprinkles, unicorn chocolate, unicorn candy unicorn this and that! Literally everything revolves around unicorns this year and believe me that's a good thing!

With everything that has been going on in the past year up to now, we definitely do need a little sugar and sweetness in our lives! And unicorn creativity is one of them...

Here are my 5 ways to letting out your inner unicorn (fashion wise).

Number one....Express your inner colours...the bright colourful  side of course in your wardrobe. 

Number 2...Try to be confident...if you can...

 A unicorn has to be FEARLESS! If you not quite as fearless as you hope to be...let your real friends and supporters be there to help pick you up...confidence takes time. (Don't worry your still a unicorn....your brave and most importantly bold!)

Number 3....get into the unicorn spirit...look up ways to add unicorn sparkle in your life whether that its food, art or anything etc. social media, magazine, youtube.

Number yourself....(not too much don't want to vanity to become your best friend)...have a healthy dose on spending your time loving yourself as well as others around you that care about you.

And finally, number unique!

How can you not be if your a unicorn? A unicorn comes in different types so don't be afraid to dare long as it's appropriate!

These are my 5 personal ways to unleashing your inner unicorn......

Photo credits: Ellie Morag.

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