On the 10th April, I attended the Scarlett London Bloggers Meet Up Event, where there were lots of hostings happening at the One Alfred Place in Fitzrovia, London. It's was a great place to meet some bloggers, fashion ones and those that are outside of the topic.

As I was looking around, I just noticed these gorgeously mate brownie sweet pizzas, that were such a delight to see! 

Topped with some Smarties, Marshmellows and Oreos...this dream would certainly tickle your taste buds! As a guest, I was lucky enough to try one of them which was the Oreo one! It was such a treat, they tasted soo nice and it's definitely filling too! Although I didn't have too many in case I got a sugar rush! Haha! Just one slice I had....mmm but I was certainly tempting to have another one, but I was a good girl, LOL! 

The two big pizzas were up for grabs to be won, but sadly I didn't will! And that was kinda a good thing too as I'm trying to keep away from chocolate, especially after all that Easter craze!!! 

Overall, it was a fun way to be treated at such a nice event!

If you wanna check out the guys who created this masterpiece, go onto their website at:

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