I first discovered this designer when I was on instagram, just over a year ago. At first, I wasn't really interested in the fact that he was a designer simply because he was widely know and that I guess that his designs where just relatively average, but I didnt even knew what his designs look like, let alone what impact it had.

Just recently like back in the summer, I decided to browse through his designs the web,and I could not believe it! The dresses and the garments were so exquisite, it made me want to nearly have all the stuff.

My favourite out of all of his, was this one from SS14. Its based on the elements of each plants. Basically plants that he can make dresses out of (mostly roses!) I mean, this collections is more than amazing, the amount of work that has been put into this, must of been immense!

The very fav of mine in particular was the latex rose dress! Who knew you could make a rose out of latex?!!! It's fun-loving yet so beautiful and so chic. Its latex couture!

You guys MUST check out his website and his social media!

Check it out at: www.jeanlouissabaji.com 

Instagram: jeanlouissabaji

Twitter: jeanlouissabaji

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