Meet the Isolated Heroes who have come to save the day!

I'm really liking the creations from Isolated Heroes, its a collection full of fun, crazy colours and the enjoyment of youth. All of these ones (below) are my favourite out of the collections! The designer and creative director is Samantha Mcewen, who I think is a creative new genius by the look of it!

And as you know, Isolated Heroes were one of the nominees at last years Scottish Fashion Awards.

In this statement they spoke of what there brand was about stating: "Isolated Heroes is primarily based on the idea of empowerment through dress and fashion. We believe clothes have the ability to transform the wearer; in our case, into a kaleidoscope tribe of cyber barbies and lost boys.
We consistently strive to be a champion of originality and place great value in the importance of authenticity in our brand. Our focus on core values drives Isolated Heroes to create our own brand of avant-garde primitivism."

In this statement they spoke of what there brand was about stating This brand is certainly the one to watch and the one to certainly support, I love it!



Check out their website at: you'll love it!

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