OMG! This is MAJOR news for me as a teen blogger, finally a Vogue Magazine for Teens in the UK! Like Teen Vogue, ELLE Girl, Miss Vogue will soon be taking her seat next to one of the most widely known Teen Fashion Mags! Yes major i know.....British Vogue is launching their teen magaizine Miss Vogue, i, alongside the June issue - which hits newsstands nationwide on May 6.
The  magazine will be able to talk directly to young women who love experimenting with fashion and beauty.

Vogue Editor in Chief Alexandra Shulman shared her excitement saying:"All of us are really excited at the opportunity to create a slightly different Vogue for this readership,"  "We know how much they love the magazine and so I wanted to produce something that would have bespoke content for a younger audience."

Miss Vogue will come as a double package with the June issue but with no cover price change.


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