LAST EVER POST OF 2012: The Victoria & Albert Museum Annual Fashion Festival Part 2.


Continuing at the fashion fest at V&A, I also went to visit designer Juliana Sissons who was extremely lovely and very lively to me!!! She was such i joy to meet especially as we had fun trying to take pictures of ourselves next to the fashion illustration i drew! She was there because she wanted to explain how you can create your own ideas using her designs and materials as inspiration. To be honest because im only 15, all the fashion illustration that were drawing but over peeps in the same industry were incredible amazing. i thought to myself...OMG my illustrations compare to that look absolute s***, but you know, as i drew it actually didn't look that bad in fact Juliana said that my design was her favourite! the illustration was based on me imagining that i was living in the medieval days and i wanted to be futuristic and decide to do a sort of a Tudor times twist!  i wanted to pretend to be the person who invented Tudor time clothes (even though i didn't) but yea it was kinda cool to do that and it look good!

So me and Juli, chatted, laughed, swapped emails and even my blog address! Was a lot of fun and she said my mum was lovely...bless her!!! *blushing* Here are some of the pictures and also some pictures i took while looking around in the museum!

                                                   My Illustration!!!!!!!

At the End of the Big Festival i decided to have a quick look at the exhibition where they display all the fashion back all the way into the 18th century. I decided take some pics and share them all with you...i have to say most of them are MAGNIFICENT even the shoes, their GORG!!!

                                           Great Street Style From Style Fix!

Hope you liked the pictures! Thats it for part 2 and even so thats it for posts in 2012!!! It's been tough but I made it!!! Happy New Year  and It's A Style Fix will be back bigger and better for 2013!!! See Ya!!!!!


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