The Victoria & Albert Museum Annual Fashion Festival 2012 Part 1.


After 2 years ago, I decided to make a return to V&A's extravagant Fashion Festival where yet again there was lots to do like Fashion Illustrate be a Jewellery Designer for the day and even meet Mary Katrantzou for the day (Which I sadly Missed!). But as always I went through the time machine and looked back at all the extravagant dresses all the way back up to the 1700's!

The best part of going to fashion events is meeting bloggers and writers around in the same barrier. And I cant definitely tell when i see a blogger. When I see someone, I straightly know that they are a blogger! Tips on how to spot: Do they look fashion forward, do they always have a camera with them??? Well you might be in luck! During the event i manage to bump into Fashion Lifestyle Blogger LucyLu! I'm not gonna lie, she was amazing to meet, nice, warm, down to earth and very helpful! I tried to tie up a bow during making a necklace at the Jewellery workshop and she helped me....well of course I was very shy to ask! (Deep down I'm a very shy person but i do hide it very well!) But really I felt very comfortable and relaxed as i spoke to her...still nervous and shy but yea! Normally when I meet someone in just very nervous shy and tense but meeting her I was shy nervous but relaxed as well. I felt a great atmosphere around her!

I think over the last year, meeting bloggers gave me more confidence and makes you see that you can judge a book by its cover. Lately people have their preconceptions saying that people who work in the fashion industry are very bitchy and full of themselves....well actually not everyone, there are also lots of people in the industry that are very nice and normal. 

To be honest, you get bitchy people in every industry, in fact in everyday life, its not only in fashion, but music, business, work life and all sorts!

As i making my stuff, decided to snap one of the helpers at the workshop... I love bright red! And everything she wearing including her spell bounding necklace which looks like she made it! very talented!

Here is my latex bow necklace! Cool huh?!!!

It was a great day looking at many amazing jewelly, some of which im inspired by! And of course the people there!

Part 2 coming soon.......

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