OMG!!! This clutch is a MUST HAVE!!! If I was the one to come up with this idea, i would have been a genius....unfortunately not, although i was thinking if there would be a book clutch in the near future...that was a long time ago! But my fantasy came true and now on earth we officially have Book Clutches! I soo LOVE the detailing on the clutch especially the embroidery...its amazing, very book-like!

 If some every carries this around people might just think you are carrying a real book like...."OK why carry a book when you can use of bag?" "Is she crazy?" Like what they don't know is that they are carrying a bag...haha! This clutch is great to fool people...its got good humour in it!

 My Favorite one has got to be this one! It's girly, its fun and its a book that definitely girls would read...well not literally because its a clutch!

The flower detail makes the clutch look elegant and feminine. And of course very chic!

And i'm, guessing the writings on the clutch are in answer: J'ADORE!

And well and the last reason why its my favourtie...well women just gotta love pink!!! I am very much of a girls, girl sooo i have a soft spot for pink!

Another great floral detailing in the inside and i'm also loving the the designers name in it as well with the little pocket where maybe you could stick you phone inside it..i would!

Overall i would say this is fr the girly type like for me...and of course any other girlies out there!

Nevertheless, you could get as well in red and in ay other book covers...OLYMPIA IS A GENIUS!!! Love this designer already!

This clutch is soo popular that even celebs have been gracing the red carpet with them like Michelle Williams,  Natalie Portman and even model  Clemence Poesy!

The prices of these clutches i would would say come around form £500 to £1000 onwards! It worth the buy! you can buy them at or even at Olympia's website go and shop it!!!!!

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