My First London Fashion Week Show: Anna Popovich


Last Night was the first time i've ever went to a fashion show during london fashion week. Of course i have been to many fashion shows but this was the first time ive ever been to one during the fashion week! This week, i attended the Anna Popovich show which was a pleasure to be invited to. This was Anna's first ever show as she was very nervous indeed. Well you cant say that its not normal 'cause it is! As its was her first show, i was highly impressed of what she had come up with. her designs were chic, structured and some even justing the ideal stiloutte.

As you know, shes been useing alot of silk when shows and elegence in her collection which i really like.
Some of my favourites have got to be her bright creations, i loved her colour block ideas and it really, catched my eye.

 One of the favourites where the ones including the dress with the pleats which brought a whole elegence into the dress which is why i loved it, but i love all of them!!!

                                                                          the finale!!
 Now i love style spotting because its fun, and i found 2 people not only they have style bit they are such nice people as well. they are both bloggers. the one with the hat was wearing a animal fur coat which i thought was very fierce and so was the second one, i also loved her because her coat was very girly, but also fashionable. by the way the first one, her hat was from river island and thats still on my wish list to find that HAT!!!
                                                                           Love the Girly fur jacket!

I also met the designer herself Anna Popovich of course! I thought she was very nice and well spoken and she even remebered me which was a surpise *sigh*. All that she designed was from elegence to chic. And overall, my highlight collection that ive every been to at London Fashion Week

Here is me in the middle *Babyface* and my two fashionista beside me!
Anna and one of my fashionistas.

here was the outfit i wore a the show. i tried colour blocking with pink and orange!!! Bright is my middle name!

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