Emma Bell: The Colourful Creation


Emma Bell is by far one of my favourite designers out there because of her creativity and colour. All of her clothes are full of fair tale images which represent her personality. And as you know that most of her collection has that. Emma Bell is not only a designer, but a creative consultant with three seasons at London Fashion Week and she also had partnerships with the likes of GM/Vauxhall Motors, Irregular Choice, Designers Against Aids, Soda Stream, Quartier21, Jodie Harsh and Lambrini.

Her designs have been some of the most well known magazines including: Dazed and Confused, ELLE, WWD New York, Vice, The Daily Mail, WAD Paris, Time Out, Drapers, Super Super, Wonderland, Look Magazine, Notion, The Daily Express, Cosmopolitan and Design Week.

For me this collection is to never EVER  get bored of because its all full of excitement and new ideas.

My Favourite designs have got to be the pink and blue Trapuize dress form the A/W09 collection. What I like about this dress is that it makes your whole figure stand out but not the siloette although it does make you stand out with colour which make you look very bright and bold and its also fun to look at.
Another favourite I picked out form her A/W09 collection has got to be the girly pink strawberry jumpsuit. I love this outfit because it not only make you looks creative, it also brings out the happy colours in life and that's why

But these two dresses i cant get enough of!!! Ijust think they are very girly and very my type. I'm fun and I like to push alot of bundgries with my fashion and thats what i think its creative and thats what i would do with my designs. Nevertheless I shows that Emma Bell is one of the unique and favourite designers out there.

For more info about Emma Bell, visit her website at: http://emma-bell.com/ or visit her fashion blog at: http://emma-bell.blogspot.com/

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