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On Monday i had a chat with Fashion blogger Sarah Betty. We talked about fashion, style brands and she even talked about her precious gift that her mum gave her......her is my interview with her......

What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

I've always blogged, for about 10 years and blogging always followed my interests. It started with poetry and creative writing, which evolved to fashion as my interest in this grew!

  Are there any blogs out there that give you tips and inspiration?

There are quite a few. I'd say for style inspiration I love Stella's Wardrobe, and I also love Gem Fatale and Lily Melrose's blog:

What is your ideal and your very own unique style?

I like to think my style is a little bit kitsch, a lil' tomboyish and always quirky. I dress for my mood, and like to pretend I'm a ballerina, sailor or something else each day. It makes dressing for work more fun.

Throughout the years of you being in the blogging industry, have you ever been invited to any major fashion event and show etc. ?

I do go to a few events now and have been to London Fashion Week a few times. My dream is to go to Paris Fashion Week. My heart is Parisian I think.

 Now I've always wanted to ask this question....many fashionistas of course have had many fashion disasters, what was your fashion disaster?

Sometimes, I have to get dressed in the dark, as my boyfriend is still asleep. This has frequently led me to wearing clothes which are VERY much see through in broad daylight. Including wearing them to work. The shame.

 What is your favourite accessory?

My mum's diamond and opal ring she gave me. It's the first time a piece of jewellery ever meant anything. I don't own anything else valuable.  7. What are your favourite fashion bloggers?
The three I mentioned before. I also love Maitha Ahmed,, Coco's Tea Party,, The Magpie Girl

. Who is the fashion editor that you wish to meet whether he/she from a fashion mag, online newspaper etc?

I'm not too bothered about meeting fashion editor's, but I suppose it would be quite something to meet Anna Wintour. 

What is your favourite fashion brand?

There are a few...I LOVE Mulberry, Miu Miu, Topshop and more!

Has your blog featured in any magazines, newspaper, online articles etc

It has been on a few other blogs, but nothing else. Perhaps that might change one day!

 What is your fashion and beauty tip to all of the fashionistas out there?

Nothing can help you with fashion inspiration more than a good ol' fashioned mood board. Failing this, any of the style sites are a must for me when I can't decide on an outfit.

Final question: if you had to launch a brand, what would you call it?

This actually isn't too far off for me, but I can't give anything away just yet :)

To find out more about Sarah herself, go onto

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