Victoria Beckham is the Guest Editor of Vogue Paris...ohhh and look who's on the Cover with?


Its not everyday, you get to wake up to see a very intimate magazine cover, but this morning this is what I woke up to! David and Victoria Beckham on the cover of As always they look effortlessly fab and sophisticated like usual, bit this cover was one intimate one that has never been done before on

As the guest editor of the issue, Victoria talks about her rough and strong relationship with husband David Beckham, their children and of course it features some of the family pictures also. Victoria stated in the interview that she and David have "been through so much together and had ups and down but are proud of that!" This is more than a celebrity marriage , its a real and true marriage and they've proven that!

Victoria also said that being the guest editor of was a real "incredible honour" for her to be part of.

This isn't the first time Victoria's guest edited for a Fashion Magazine, back in May last year, she guest edited for Glamour US, which was also a big hit too. I can already guarantee that this one will be even bigger now that David's involved ladies right?

It's out NOW!!!

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