The evolution of the Victoria,Victoria Beckham line has grown even further as time goes by, as we see the dresses getting sharper and more vibrate. This season we saw more of new pattens that she has never used before, some that might reflect shape and fluidity like in her mainline, the dresses and separates getting more growning up. It seems the Victoria girl is gowning as mature lady but likes to have fun due to the bright, bold, square shaping colours. Colour blocking seems to be the key to Victoria's sister line as well as her mainline line. A wide range of colour palettes have been used.

Another difference to the collection growing is that some of the dresses are getting longer but we saw more pleats which you might of seen with her first sister line collection back in 2011. Some other are newly silhouetted to make it look structured like with the dark blue strapped dress . I feel as well the Victoria, Victoria Beckham line is growing as a diffusion line.

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