Romeo Beckham Model for Burberry in New Commercial


It seem I've only just was hoping for this day to come, the day that Romeo Beckham will one day become the face of a well known fashion brand and guess what??? It came true with well, burberry my favorite of course. Yes it's Burberry he's staring in! How amazing! When I first knew Romeo was gonna do a commercial like this i wasn't surprised, (well a little) it was just like YES FINALLY, the moment I've been hoping for!!!

I definitely think we will be seeing more of "middle" Beckham boy in many fashion deeds in the future since he is the most fashionable in the family (not to mention, the one that looks mostly like mum Victoria out of everybody!) Despite Romeo being Love by many! My attention to grab Brooklyn is still on hand, despite maybe being unlikey to be a future Beckham one day that is Allysha Beckham! LOL! #JUSTKEEPHOPING

Just to let you know, just sit down relax, have some popcorn and watch....well you dont have to!!!! haha!


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