Victoria Beckham's visit to Brown Thomas in Dublin


Yes, VB is back on the road, yet again like what she did in Canada but this time in Dublin! VB recently said that this city was special 'cause it was were she was married to David!!! But the main thing was that It's A Style Fix was catching all the gossip and tweets about her private lunch and greeting, fashion show at Browns Thomas in Ireland.

Yet again she always gets it right in the style stakes as she was wearing one of her coats that she designed in her AW12 collection, yet now one of my favorite! And another great thing about today is that its half term, yes it half term for the kids and lucky they were in town to meet the designer! so cute! As she was making her way to show, VB was acclaimed with Shelly Corkery, fashion director and also a member of the Browns Thomas team, she looked fab as she was with VB during a photo call.

Her BFF Eva Longoria previously said that VB herself is a complete fashion genius....HELL YEA! And also the fact that she lives and breaths fashion...I certainly believe that!!! Do you know how many time she said that fashion is her passion, that she loves what she does and is very dedicated and blessed to what she does and of course on how many time she says she likes to "empower" women.....answer: LOADS! Seriously this IS a women to look up to!!!

Personally, she blows me away about HOW MUCH passion she has for fashion and how much she dedicates herself to making women feel beautiful, empowered and more comfortable! I LOVE the fact that she LOVES her own sex, she LOVES women!  And being empowered is a feeling that can change you and how you live and you feel physically and emotionally! I think what she is doing is ridiculously life-changing, in a good way. What I meant by  ridiculously life-changing is the fact she is designing a perfect dress that can actually change the way you feel about yourself and how you see others people point of view. Basically, how you see life as you use to. Check out the meaning of Empowerment.

Its amaxzing how a person can change you life through clothes and Victoria Beckham is an example of that.
That's why she is my icon and inspiration.
And oh, just one more was was the first time EVER to see her daughter Harper WALKING!!! How cute!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!

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