My Evening Out With Invitation One at BECCA LONDON


Last week on a rainy day, i went to an Invitation One fashion event at BECCA London where they were hosting a little relaxing lounge for the guests. On my way in when i arrived i saw a women doing her customers make up making her look ultra glam...she looked amazing. Anyways, its was one relaxing evening and it was just perfect for a rainy day and it was worth going. The little lounge showcased collections and Jewellery from Established and emerging Independent Designers in and around the UK.And as for show i even enjoyed some tea, cupcakes and even some champagne! How posh! The whole location and the food were very luxury...and the cupcake weren't just ordinary  cupcakes, they had a creamy vanilla whipped taste that you could indulged in too! but nevertheless, this invite would be topped up with meeting the people. Lots of people came, with very distinctive and very stylist looks, which is what i like. Most of them were bloggers but others were pure fashion fans.

The person who runs this event was the PR behind the event, Chloe Pierre. It was so lovely to meet her as we got to talk about a lot of fashion fixes, including my fan affair and inspiration Victoria Beckham. Yes i like Victoria Beckham.....everyone knows now! But other than that we also talked about what the fashion industry is like and that sometimes going to event can be a bit awkward and a bit intimidating. Well to be honest, i was very nervous and a bit shy but after a while you get pretty use to it all.

Another women i was talking to was a jewellery designer called KENZA. (but wasn't a participating designer at the show but an invitee...) which later on on that day, i brought one of her handmade bracelets. She was also a very warm person. Her designs were modern cutting edge and it well gave me the wow factor but also i was breathtaking and sometime you wouldn't normally see in shops. Personally for a blogger i though her style was amazing and i must admit, i really wanted her was just perfect.

Me and Chloe wearing a lovely Finally the Flower bright red gown which is a Womenswear Brand!
 Jewellery Designer KENZA working it! Those nails!!!!!

Loved her Boots!!!!
 Wearing one of her handmade bracelet....i brought one of her in Silver.

Great Painting!
mmmmm...i was actually trying to figure out what it meant!
Spotted a fashion blogger...she was also with one of her friends with i thought she also looked it girl!
Loving the long skirt.....shes works at a hospital, but i know for sure she is a ultimate fashion freak....see??? What a lovely smile! :)
The smile matches her personality too!!!!
Me finally!!! Dress from New Look, Boots From New Look and scarf from H&M. Yes my pose might remind you of someone who i like in the fashion industry....guess who????
 Took this when i was leaving....all the cosmetics!!!

Brights Lights, bigger city!!! Yes that's my mum in the lilac jacket!

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