Latest Trends 2011: It Really Psychedelic Furs This Winter!


This year i decided to go for the more Psychedelic with Furs because i just think that they are lush with fill attention. Psychedelic Furs are the ones to add for you waldrobe because their just rich, cosy and just also full of jewel and bright colours. Such a great range of palets. Some of them you would see is the ones that are Elegant, Sexy and Chic and other you would get to see is the more OUTRAGOUS, more colour form ones!

For me i prefer the bright, edgey, colourful but also light and soft ones because they reflex my personality.
But also quite feirce! Sometimes when i see people going out wearing these type of fabrics, i think WOOOHHH.....THAT CATCHING AND VERY POWERFUL! These type of fabrics to really catch your attention...thats why their one of my latest trends for winter 2011!

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